What's wrong with my child's ears hurting outside and inside?

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What’s going on when a child complains that his ears hurt? Children are young and have low immunity, so they may often experience various discomforts. If a child often complains of ear pain, is there something wrong?

Why does the child’s ears hurt outside and inside?
Generally speaking, ear pain in children is caused by various reasons, such as colds, otitis media, otitis externa, too much earwax in babies, water in the ears, external impact on the ears, and many other factors. In fact, ear pain is an extremely uncomfortable state, and there are many unknown risks hidden in it for children.
Next, let’s follow this article to learn more about it and see what’s going on with children’s earache? What are the causes of ear pain in children, and more importantly, how to deal with and solve the problem. Below, we will share 6 ways to quickly treat ear pain. Come join us.

1. Ear neuralgia:
There are many nerves around the ear, and bursts of earache will occur when the ear is exposed to excessive noise for a long time or unexplained stimulation.

2. Otitis externa:
When there is discomfort or itching in the ear, some people like to dig blindly into the ear with nails, hairpins, knitting needles, short wooden sticks, matchsticks, etc. . If you dig too hard or are bumped by someone, it is easy to puncture the skin of the ear canal, causing skin infection and inflammation. This disease not only causes earache, but may also be accompanied by bleeding.

3. Ear herpes:
This is related to viral infection. It is more common on the auricle. The earache caused by it is like acupuncture or burning, which is very uncomfortable. A few people may also be accompanied by facial nerve paralysis, hearing loss, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms.

4. Ear tumors:
When there is malignant swelling in the ear canal or middle ear cavity, as the disease progresses, the malignant swelling will infiltrate into the surrounding tissues. In addition to the ear canal, In addition to symptoms such as bleeding and hearing loss, there are also varying degrees of earache.

5. Furuncle and swelling of the external auditory canal:
When otitis externa cannot be treated in time, or when the patient is old and frail, suffers from diabetes, or the skin of the external auditory canal is soaked with water for a long time , when the surface resistance of the skin is weakened, ear canal boils and swelling are prone to occur. The boil will gradually swell and become pus-filled, blocking the ear canal and causing gradually increasing pain.

6. Acute otitis media:
When bacterial purulent infection occurs in the middle ear cavity, the pus continues to increase and directly compresses the pain-sensitive tympanic membrane, which will cause intra-ear irritation. Paroxysmal pain, which can appear as pulsating pain as the pulse beats.

First aid methods for children with ear pain
1 In the early stages of ear pain in children, you can use hot towels to apply to the ears, which can expand the blood vessels and relieve ear pain. To reduce the pressure and relieve pain, the specific method is to put a towel in warm water at 37 degrees and wring it out, then apply it on the child's ear and keep it for 3 to 5 minutes.
2 If the ear pain worsens when the child lies down, the child should be allowed to sit and support the child's head with a bolster or pillow. This will help relieve the pressure on the ears and relieve pain. Let the child do more swallowing movements to better relieve the pressure on the ears. Keep the child's mouth open when blowing the nose.

What medicine should a child take for earache

1. Mild pain
When the baby has earache, in order to quickly relieve the baby’s pain, you can first give the baby medicine Apply an antipyretic and analgesic solution, such as acetaminophen or children's ibuprofen, and apply hot compresses.
Let the baby's affected part rest on a warm water bag wrapped in a towel, with the painful side of the head facing down to allow the ear exudate to drain out. Or directly apply a hot wet towel to the baby's auricle, remove it when the heat dissipates, and apply hot compress several times a day.
Generally speaking, the baby is usually fine when playing and standing, and does not have symptoms of ear pain. However, when the baby lies down at night, the pressure in the middle ear will increase and the pain will be unbearable, so try to let the baby If the baby sleeps upright, the pain will be lessened.

2. The pain is severe
If the pain is not relieved after two days after taking the above methods, and it is becoming more and more serious, you should be sent to the hospital for treatment immediately. In most cases, doctors will give your baby antibiotics to treat ear pain.
Babies under five years old usually take amoxicillin, erythromycin or other antibiotics. For babies over five years old who are not allergic to penicillin, penicillin V is most effective.

Some doctors are used to using large doses of antibiotics for a short time, while others are used to using low doses for a long time, so mothers should remember to consult the doctor.Understand the length of drug treatment. The vast majority of children outgrow ear infections after the age of six.

How to use medicine for different diseases

1. Otitis media
If the baby is in pain due to ear inflammation, such as otitis media or external auditory canal inflammation, etc., at this time, anti-inflammatory drugs can be used directly to treat it, and at the same time, ear drops can be used for ear drops.
Ear drops are generally chloramphenicol eye drops and ofloxacin ear drops. The method is usually to wash the ears with hydrogen peroxide first, and then instill 1 or 2 drops into the ears, once in the morning and evening.

2. Ear eczema
Babies with ear eczema can take appropriate antibiotics for active anti-inflammatory treatment under the guidance of a doctor, such as azithromycin dispersible tablets combined with dexamethasone tablets.

Normally, the baby should be allowed to drink plenty of water to avoid scratching. Do not use hot water, soap and alcohol for cleaning. Let the baby eat less snacks and other easily irritating foods, not to mention spicy, cold and other irritating foods. Sexual food.

Warm reminder: Children with ear pain often manifest themselves as scratching their ears, shaking their heads, restlessness, crying, loss of appetite, fever, etc. Some serious cases may even be accompanied by yellow discharge from the ears and poor hearing. Parents should take their children to the hospital for ear examination in time.