Can hearing-impaired people change their destiny by taking the college entrance examination?

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It is the college entrance examination time again, and another group of immature students will enter the examination room with their dreams for the future and expectations for their families.

For many people with ordinary backgrounds, the college entrance examination is a shortcut to achieve class counterattack and an opportunity to "change their fate against the odds." For the hearing-impaired, can the college entrance examination change their destiny?

From an objective perspective, for hearing-impaired people, the path to study and education is more difficult than for hearing-impaired people, and some may even suffer Influenced by the opinions and concepts in the deaf community that "study is useless" and "you can't find a good job after graduating from college", they gave up their studies at a young age.

Is reading useful? certainly!

For many industries, academic qualifications are a stepping stone and a guide to a new direction in life.

Hearing-impaired people have limited communication skills and have relatively narrow employment opportunities. However, after studying at university and mastering more knowledge and skills, they will have more employment opportunities.

At the same time, taking the college entrance examination and continuing to study for further studies will bring us more than just a diploma.

Before entering college, our cognition is limited by the cognitive framework brought to us by our family environment and social environment, and receiving a college education is a good way for us to understand the new world.

In college, you will meet teachers and classmates from all over the world. Everyone has different values ​​and world views. In the process, you will slowly find that the world you knew before is happening. Change, the world is becoming more colorful and complex, and your horizons are constantly broadening.

Although you will encounter difficulties, persist in learning and accumulating, and the world will always quietly reward those who work hard people.