How to self-test your hearing?

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Many people around the world with untreated hearing loss may not be aware that, without effective hearing rehabilitation, their brains may eventually “forget” how to hear and understand speech. This is not unfounded. Many studies have now fully proven that the human brain must receive sound stimulation at any time, otherwise the ability to understand will decline.

How to self-test your hearing?
In order to protect our ears, in addition to active prevention, we also need to actively identify and solve problems. So how do we know if our hearing is damaged? Let’s test it ourselves below!
1. You can hear sounds, but not clearly;
2. You cannot hear the phone or doorbell unless you are very close;
3. You feel a sound in your head, Such as buzzing or ringing (tinnitus).
4. It is difficult to hear sounds in a noisy environment;
5. You can only understand clearly when you are facing the speaker;
6. You feel that others are mumbling or unclear;
br />7. You often ask others to repeat something;
8. You need to adjust the TV sound to a level that makes others feel deafening;
9. You find that you do not understand the topic of the conversation, and often The answer is not what the question was asked;

10. It is difficult to hear sounds when attending meetings, public places or family gatherings.

When these problems occur, you should check them in time to achieve early detection and early treatment! Hearing is a very important organ for us. Hearing loss can cause many problems (for example: people around you are unwilling to communicate with you, and you will gradually alienate yourself, and you will feel lonely, inferior, and helpless). Patients who cannot hear sounds for a long time will slowly decline in language function! , hearing loss cannot be ignored.

"If the brain cannot receive enough acoustic stimulation over a period of time, it will lose part of its ability to process information." American audiologist Bayer said in a report "This condition is called auditory deprivation. Research shows that the longer a patient goes without treatment, the more likely it is that their brain will forget how to process speech signals, and the condition will continue even if they receive treatment in the future," Bayer added. said, "These findings clearly demonstrate that, like so many people today, years of delays in hearing loss treatment put patients at risk of permanent brain damage."

Take care of yourself and your family If you have hearing impairment, you should go to the hospital for examination, diagnosis and treatment. If it cannot be solved with surgery, you should wear a hearing aid as soon as possible to help you solve the problem of hearing sounds. More importantly, it can also eliminate the problems caused by hearing loss. Emotional and psychological shadows, rebuild your self-confidence, give you a better life, and let you hear the beautiful voice of nature again.

No matter your age, social experience, or values, hearing loss will affect your speech communication.And it will bring many negative effects to your psychology. With the advancement of hearing aid technology and the introduction of new products with different functions, hearing aids have allowed more and more hearing-impaired people to return to the world of sound, greatly improving their quality of life. Therefore, take care of your ears and protect your hearing; detect hearing loss early, wear hearing aids early, and regain the beauty of sound!