Should children under 3 years old have their ears picked out?

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Some people like to pick out their ears because they think it will be unclean if they don’t take them out if there are instructions in their ears. However, everyone knows that ears are very fragile and it is very likely to hurt them during the process of picking out their ears. Especially children should not pick out their ears by themselves. .

Should children under 3 years old have their ears picked out?
Try not to pick out the ears of a three-year-old child. The ears of children at this age are not fully developed and are very fragile. If the child's ears are forcibly removed, the child will feel pain and even affect the child's hearing. You can observe it in normal times, and if it is too much, you can ask a doctor for help.

1. What are the disadvantages of picking out the ears of a three-year-old child

The ears of a three-year-old child are not fully developed, so picking out the ears can easily cause harm to the child. Moreover, most ear picks are made of iron, which can easily harm children. If your baby doesn't have a lot of earwax, you don't need to pick out their ears. Earwax is very useful for children. When children are young, they hear some loud sounds and need their mothers to help them cover their ears to prevent the sound from causing damage to the baby's ears. Earwax can play an indirect protective role. It can also prevent some bugs, bacteria and the like in normal times, thus protecting the ears.

2. How to correctly remove the ears of a child

It is a very troublesome thing to remove the ears of a three-year-old child. We must pay attention to it. There are many things. Do not use iron picks, nails or other objects. The baby's ears are very fragile and these things can cause harm to the baby. Normally, we can wet a clean towel and wring it dry, then roll the edge of the towel around our fingers to wipe the baby's ears. You can also choose cotton swabs specially designed for babies. In normal times, if there is not a lot of earwax, don’t pick out your ears to avoid causing damage to your child’s ears.

There are many things to pay attention to when picking out the ears. It is best to do it when the baby is sleeping. The baby will not move around at this time and we can avoid a lot of trouble.

For babies whose ears have not yet fully developed, earwax is also a protective umbrella - various sound waves are transmitted into the ear through the ear canal, causing the tympanic membrane to vibrate, so that the ear can hear the sound, but if the sound waves If it is too strong, such as thunder, explosion, etc., the eardrum will be violently shaken, which may easily cause damage. For babies who do not have the ability to protect themselves, the damage is even more serious. At this time, earwax can act like a muffler, blocking out sounds that are very violent for the baby, weakening the impact of sound waves on the eardrum, protecting the eardrum, and thusAlso protects baby's hearing.