Can frequent tinnitus cause hearing loss?

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Hearing loss is often caused by damage to the hair cells on the basilar membrane of the cochlea, mainly caused by noise, ototoxic drugs and other factors. The inner ear is the "factory" that produces sound. Its job here is to convert the mechanical energy of sound waves into electronic energy, so that the sound can be received by the brain along with the auditory nerve. Hearing loss may occur if the inner ear is damaged.

Can frequent tinnitus cause hearing loss?
It is recommended to go to the hospital for a check-up first. Many people with hearing loss will have tinnitus. It depends on the individual's physical fitness. The incidence of tinnitus is 15%-20%, and about 90% of people have experienced transient tinnitus. The factors causing tinnitus are mostly related to noise, ototoxic drugs, and physical diseases. Factors affecting tinnitus are mostly related to psychology, physical condition, noise, diet, etc.

Tinnitus often brings great pain to patients, and sometimes even affects normal life and work. The diagnosis of tinnitus must first ask for a medical history and conduct an examination of the ears and body to find out the cause, and then treat the cause. In severe cases, sedatives, vitamin B1, oryzanol, etc. may be given as appropriate. Or wear a hearing aid or use a tinnitus masker for treatment, that is, use sound to mask the tinnitus. In addition, more explanations and guidance should be done to the patient to eliminate doubts, and the symptoms can be alleviated or even disappear.

People with tinnitus are often very anxious because they are worried that tinnitus will lead to deafness. In fact, on the contrary, tinnitus does not cause deafness. If hearing loss is not taken seriously, it may lead to tinnitus. The reason is: due to hearing loss, the brain cannot sense enough sound. If things go on like this, the brain will actively produce sound, which is tinnitus. Therefore, people with hearing loss, especially those with more severe hearing loss, should pay enough attention to their hearing problems!

When tinnitus occurs, everyone should also pay more attention. This is an early warning signal sent by the body to you. We should pay more attention to the following aspects in our daily life:

1. Make sure you get enough sleep every day and don’t stay up late.

2. Eat a light diet and avoid spicy foods.

3. Monitor blood pressure and blood sugar frequently and pay attention to changes.
4. When your ears feel uncomfortable, seek medical advice promptly.
5. Pay attention to regulating your emotions and maintaining an optimistic attitude.